The Most Effective Martial Arts Marketing Strategy 

Once Joe Lewis convinced me to open my school, I committed to being the best school possible and the most expensive.

Someone has to be the most expensive, so why not me? In order to accomplish this, I had to elevate myself above my competitors.

My #1 top-of-the-list strategy was to leverage local media so that I was consistently in the news either as:

1. The subject of a story

2. The instructor of a student in the news (because I got him there)

3. An expert commentator on violent crimes and self-defense-related stories.

I was crowned Mr. Karate in St. Petersburg in a cover story by the largest newspaper in the region. Understand that Tampa Bay is the 10th largest media area, so these media hits were seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

I approached the local cable TV station about hosting a USA Karate show. That was a huge deal. Prospects would come into the school completely sold because they had been watching me teach each week on TV.

Today, working the media requires a different set of strategies but media marketing is as important and effective as ever. 

Here are some topics to target with press releases

1. Violent crime commentary
When someone is mugged or attacked and you see a way it could have been prevented or defended against, shoot an email and then call the local crime reporters and offer to share some tips to avoid and/or deal with these situations.

I was called in to sit on a panel for a TV special on an American student who was going to be canned in Singapore for some infraction.

2. Seasonal Self-Defense
Back to school is Anti-Bully season. Summertime is Anti-Abduction season. The holidays are Situational Awareness season.

Here is a quick strategy to help you market to the media.

3. Public Workshops
Teaching a free self-defense course for teachers is the example below but there are many annual “months” such as September is Realtor Safety Month. That is when you offer free self-defense classes for Realtors.

4. Fundraisers
Kick a thon, break a thon, spar a thon all to raise money for worthy organizations. This will always get picked up by the media.

5. School Events
Be sure to create a media list of local Event promotion websites. They are looking for events like your inner-school tournament or belt exam.

Learn How To Write A Short Press Release

Essentially, you’re pitching the who, what, where, when, how, and why something happened or is going to happen.

Here is an example. 

You would send this to all event-related websites and all reporters in your area who cover the school system and education in your area.


USA Karate Offers Free Self-Defense Workshop for Educators

[Tampa, FL 9/23/2023] In a commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of our educators, USA Karate is proud to announce a free self-defense workshop tailored specifically for teachers. This initiative comes as a response to the growing concern for the safety of educators in their workplaces.

This workshop covers:

  • Practical self-defense techniques.
  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation strategies.
  • Awareness and prevention methods.
  • How to safely intervene and stop students who are fighting.

USA Karate owner and chief instructor says, “We deeply value our teachers and their safety. This workshop is our way of expressing gratitude for their dedication,”

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