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Unity Martial Arts

Setting a Firm Foundation for Young Children

martial arts classes

Self-Control and Concentration

Young children learn the key skills for success in life.

The emphasis on self-control and concentration is central to martial arts.

The kicks, punches, and blocks children learn require concentration and strict attention. 

These important skills transfer to success in every area of life. 

Motivation to Develop

Martial Arts motivates young children to develop coordination while building strength

Martial arts develop bilateral coordination that is absent from most sports.  Plus, the added benefit that what you are learning can protect you is a huge bonus.

martial arts student practicing self defense
martial arts classes for kids

Patience and Understanding

Kids can’t learn martial arts with a click of a mouse.

Children live in an, “I want it now!” world, so it’s important that they are taught patience and self-control to reduce stress for themselves and their families. Martial arts can’t be learned in one class.

Our instructors have clear rules and constantly reinforce them. They also emphasize good behavior in and out of class.

We Are MATA Certified

The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association (MATA) Instructor Certification was authored by 18 different veteran black belts who are also experts in their professional fields such as psychology, motivation, pedagogy, movement science, and communication.

We know that walking into a martial arts school can be intimidating. That’s why are staffed with professional instructors trained in modern teaching methods and certified by the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association.

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Great instructors that not only care about how the students develop martial arts skills, but also how they develop their life skills. We drive past a lot of other schools to get there, but it is definitely worth it. Everyone is like family."

Tammy Esteves


My child is shy and introverted. How will that affect his participation in class?

If there is any common success story from our martial arts program it’s students and parents telling us how we helped their child to “come out of his/her shell.”

We have specfic drills and exercises that are highly effective for helping students take small steps towards a more confident presence.

My child has a very short attention span. Can you work with that?

Little Dragons is our martial arts class for young children. We understand that keeping attention can be a real challenge with this age group.

That’s why our program is fast moving and engaging for the children.

Our instructors are also experts at helping children to re-focus in class until it becomes natural to the child.

My child is not very active and never liked sports before.

It’s all in the presentation, especially with children. One of the strongest benefits of our martial arts for children program is instilling and motivating a desire to have a healthier diet and body.

This may be one of the best long-term benefits of training at our school.

My child has a "my way or no way!" attitude. Can this help?

One of the somewhat magical effects of our martial arts classes for kids is mix of psychology and physiology.

We often think of the mental disciplines of martial arts but the physical disciplines are just as important and emphasized just as much.

Recognizing and resisting urges to act out are central to the discipline of making sure a student is not abusing the training.

That includes developing the self-control not to act out.

My child is constantly fighting with his sister. Are we putting her at risk?

The responsible use of martial arts for good rather than harm is central to everything we teach.

Parents of our martial arts students are consistently impressed with how our training helps to mature the children in different ways and temper control is one of them.

Much of that has to do with a heighten self-awareness to recognize when things are “heating up” and how to de-excalate.”

My child has a history of quitting new activities.

When you enroll your child into our school to help with self-discipline, it’s crucial that you work with the instructors to set clear expectations.

This starts with your child clearly understanding that the first discipline is to come to class twice a week and practice two non-class days.

To help you with that the child psychologists in the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association’s Certification program suggest you be aware of what activity the child is engaged right before getting ready for class.

If they are playing their favorite game, they may be more resistant to shifting attention than if they were cleaning their room or doing yard work. :0)


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